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Murder in a small town

February 24, 2012


“rain slowly slides down the glass as if the night is crying.” — Patricia Cornwell, Trace   By Feb. 7, I’d already covered a fire that destroyed businesses, three fatal car crashes and a  pit bull attacking a police officer during a drug raid. I thought I’d seen the worse that the crime beat had […]

Weight a minute….

January 13, 2012


Blogger’s Note: Ok, before I launch into this blog — Yes, I meant to spell it “weight” instead of “wait”. The United States is a melting pot of races, religions, sexualities, etc. If this is the case, why have I been dealing with people making jokes about my weight for my entire life? Just recently, […]

When is lethal force appropriate?

January 4, 2012


Today, in Brownsville, Texas, police shot three times and killed an armed 15-year-old at a middle school. The teen engaged the officers and refused to lower his weapon. It was later discovered that the teen had a pellet gun that looked like a real weapon. I have furnished links from different news outlets below: Police […]

The invisible dead

January 3, 2012


To die will be an awfully big adventure. J.M. BARRIE, Peter Pan When someone dies and is buried, it is an expectation that their grave will be a memorial that friends and family can visit for several years. It is a place to mourn, a place to remember, and a sacred place for the remains […]