About Me

I always loved the “About Me” section of any social networking site or blog. It’s interesting to see how people portray themselves. Me? I go with the facts.

My name is Tabitha L. Clark, which you probably already know if you are reading my blog. I am a cops and courts beat reporter for a daily community newspaper. I’m a novice in the journalism field, and I am using this blog as a means of recording my first full year on the beat.

I graduated in June 2011 from The Ohio State University (magna cum laude) with a B.A. in English. The majority of my studies focused on creative writing, specifically nonfiction writing and memoirs. My honors thesis, Call Me Tabs: The Making and Breaking of a Marine Corps Wife, was a 128-page memoir about my seven years as a Marine Corps wife and the trials that a spouse must face in that discourse community.

That’s basically my life as a writer thus far. I’ve been published in two newspapers, one literary journal (for five consecutive years) and one web publication. I won ten creative writing awards while in college. And now, my main concern is learning the ins and outs of my new career. There’s something new to learn every day, and it is never boring.

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  1. And don’t forget all of the newsletters, grants and other things you contributed during your time the Boys & Girls Club. I am so very proud of how far you have come. (I know, you are silently correcting my English) :0)


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