New Hampshire is in the books…almost (updated)

Posted on January 11, 2012


With 91.69 percent of the precincts reporting, Mitt Romney has won the New Hampshire primary with 31 percent of the vote. Strangely, the second and third places are a little different. Ron Paul (who took third place in the Iowa Caucuses) had 23 percent of the vote, and Jon Huntsman took 17 percent of the vote, after only getting 0.6 percent of the vote in Iowa.

Romney wins New Hampshire

Romney is obviously the front-runner in all the polls. However, some people seem to be confused about Ron Paul…while others see Paul as the best thing to happen to politics. The only thing I know about Ron Paul is that his foreign military policy scares me. While the U.S. may not be the “911 force” for the entire world, isolationism didn’t work in the 1930s, and it would work worse now.

Paul says he is electable

I’d like to see some opinions about Paul and the other candidates. If you believe that Paul should be president, leave a comment. If you think none of the candidates are qualified, let me know about it.

Super Tuesday (March 6, 2012) is fast approaching, and 10 states, including Ohio, will have their primaries and caucuses. If the Republican primary was today, who would you vote for?