Headlines for 01.08.12

Posted on January 8, 2012


“This is what really happened, reported by a free press to a free people.  It is the raw material of history; it is the story of our own times.”
Henry Steel Commager

Local, State and National headlines for Sunday, January 8, 2012.

Local headlines:

King remembered, his work continued

Marion Matters increases director’s hours

Winning streak reaches 8 games for Rockets

State headlines:

House faces ‘astounding’ number of changes

Fire marshal’s panel considers smoke alarms

Ohioan arrested in shooting of estranged wife, man

Ohio county told to speed up food stamp processing

National headlines:

Giffords, Tucson mark one year since deadly rampage

Illinois law lets motorists salvage food, fur from roadkill

US-icebreaker helps tanker plow toward iced-in Alaskan city

Papa John’s apologizes for racial slur on receipt

Pitt, Clooney trade barbs