Is it ever enough?

Posted on January 7, 2012


I’ve been a journalist for almost four months. In that time, I’ve written stories about car crashes, court cases, community events, elections, dangerous animals — the list goes on and on. There are probably over 100 stories with my byline. Somehow though, it never seems to be enough for some people.

Yesterday, I covered alleged arsonists, a rape case, and a handful of felony indictments. Today, I covered Gospelfest and the upcoming events for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I wrote about a rollover accident (to read about that, click here). Sometimes I work for five hours a day, and sometimes I work 12 hour days. It just depends on the news day.

But, as I said many blog posts ago, I can’t please everyone. There are always going to be people saying, “Well, why aren’t you covering this or that?” I will answer that question right now: A) I don’t know that it is happening or B) I don’t know that it is happening. Okay, so there’s only one reason. Come on people! I have contact information on my blog, on my Facebook, on and in the print edition! If I’m not covering something important in the community…stop complaining and pick up a phone or visit a website. It’s simple. I am a journalist — not superhuman. I can’t read minds, I can’t control people, and I can’t be in three places at once.

This ends the rant portion of the evening.