Be prepared

Posted on January 5, 2012


There were 41 accidents in Marion County on Monday, the first day that we had icy road conditions. Why is the first snow always the worst? Do we have seasonal amnesia?

41 crashes Monday have Marion area officials urging driver caution

Now, I’ve already done my snow rant, and I know that there are some unavoidable situations. But, seriously? On Tuesday morning at 6:45 a.m., I was taking my son to his bus. We had to drive down Pole Lane Road. I was going 35 mph because there was blowing snow and it was dark. Someone speeds up on the bumper of my car, and then jerks around me and speeds on. These are the people who cause accidents. And honestly, you have to drive defensively. Just because you are doing everything right doesn’t mean that everyone else is too.

But, on top of everything else, be prepared for the worst, even in your car. Imagine you are driving along, hit a patch of black ice on some deserted county road, and go off into a ditch. Your car is damaged and won’t start, but you are not injured in any way. There’s a storm going on, and emergency personnel in the county are tied up with injury accidents. You can’t get ahold of anyone to come and get you. It’s 10 degrees, 3 with wind chill. Do you have the items in your car that would help you sustain yourself until help came?