Layoffs start 2012 off on a sour note

Posted on January 1, 2012


Marion City and County begin operating today with 15 fewer police and 12 fewer deputies today. Layoffs take effect during the morning shift today. The idea of 27 fewer law enforcement officers on the streets is a scary prospect in a time when crime seems to be rising in Marion.

The Marion police have made a good showing during their last week before layoffs. They made two arrests within hours of a fire being started, and made three arrests in two days for severe beatings; one arrest within minutes of getting the call.

I’m glad these crimes did not happen this week. There may be enough officers on duty to take the report, but what about canvassing the area looking for suspects, or quickly gathering evidence to obtain and execute a search warrant. I worry that the police will be spread too thin in the city, as will the deputies in the county, to be as effective as they have shown recently.

I wish all those being laid off good luck in their future endeavors. I hope they are able to come back to work soon. And I hope that Marion doesn’t go downhill completely while they are gone.