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Posted on December 31, 2011


Goodbye 2011 — what a bittersweet year!

I quit my job at The Boys & Girls Club on Dec. 17, 2010, so I went into 2011 unemployed. I was a senior at The Ohio State University, and my work schedule conflicted with classes I needed to graduate in my two final quarters. Away I went, no job, not much money, with two kids to support and rent to pay.

The year brought many awards:

  • The College of Arts and Sciences Certificate for Excellence in Scholarship
  • The President’s Salute to Undergraduate Academic Achievement
  • The Howard Honors Book Award
  • The Senior Honors Thesis Recognition Award
  • First Place Award in Poetry
  • Second Place Award in Creative Nonfiction
  • The C. Eugene Maynard Academic Excellence Award

And, of course, the best thing of all: I graduated from college with a 3.77 GPA, magna cum laude, and ready to take on the world.

Of course, the world wasn’t quite as ready for me. I spent five months filling out 250 job applications, going on only six interviews and finally landing my dream job, quite by accident. It seems that after all my hard work in my classes, my talent and 2 year internship with the school newspaper mattered more than my GPA or awards. Of course, they do look impressive on a wall or in a list (like the one above)!

So yes, after all my work in school, I ended up with exactly what I wanted. When I was 7 years old, I said I wanted to work at The Marion Star. When I was 16, I wrote that I wanted to graduate from The Ohio State University with a degree in English. When I was 31, I got everything I always wanted.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year…but I’m ready to see what 2012 has to offer!

Happy New Year!

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