The day after

Posted on December 26, 2011


Christmas has come and gone again this year. For the last four years, that has meant sitting around, opening gifts and waiting for my student loan check to hit the bank. Am I sad the money’s not coming this year? Of course. Does it make me happy to know that it won’t add to my current $59,000 student loan debt? Definitely.

This year’s thoughts are very different. I’m sitting here thinking, “What in the heck am I going to write about this week?” Of course, this is a thought that always crosses my mind before the week begins, and something always comes up.

Of course, to be successful this week, I should write seven stories in three days. Let me explain: my schedule is Tuesday-Saturday. Since everyone is observing Christmas on Monday (because it fell on Sunday), I am observing it on Tuesday (since Sunday and Monday are already my days off).  I’m also talking New Year’s Eve as a vacation day, because it falls on a Saturday, and there’s not really anything going on during the day. So, that leaves me with Dec. 28-30 to work. I do have a few story ideas, but this is going to be my quickest turnaround ever.

But, that’s what journalism is, right? You have to write fast and tight to get the next day’s paper out. It may take a year…but I think I’ll get there.

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