The Hard Truth

Posted on December 24, 2011


“You can’t please everyone all the time” — that’s what people told me as I grew up.  But, in my mind, pleasing everyone was the only way to live. Why not try to make everyone around you happy? I never saw the harm in that.

That, my friends, can get utterly exhausting. I spent years attempting to please people and coming up short because I was never passionate about it. Now, I am in a line of work where you absolutely cannot please everyone all the time. My career is actually helping me to wrap my mind around that.

There are articles I write every day that are going to upset people. They get upset if I list their name and felony charge in “Police Beat” or “Indictments,” they get mad because I didn’t cover a story exactly how they pictured it would be, or maybe, just maybe, they misunderstood something or have an opinion opposite to the one expressed in the article. No matter what, I will never win. I will always be the bad guy, the fall guy (or girl, in this case) for someone.

And you know what? I’m okay with that.

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